uPVC Windows & Doors for Extreme Weather and Wind Resistance

uPVC Windows & Doors for Extreme Weather Resistance

uPVC Windows & Doors for Extreme Weather Resistance

Monsoon season, It’s the time of the year when the sky is painted grey & the climate is neither hot nor cold but just right. It offers everybody something. Puddles to play on for the fun-loving animated people & cosy long naps for the easy goers. It’s the ultimate lazy season that earth offers us every year. Monsoon has a couple of friends that tag along when it comes to playing & they aren’t as fun as the monsoon. Hurricanes & thunderstorms are forces not to be reckoned with & we know it, so most of us try our best to be inside our homes when monsoon’s friends decide to show up. But are we really safe inside our houses?


The big bad wolf huffed, puffed & blew the house down!

We all must have read the three little pigs, as children & the big bad wolf gave us nightmares every night we went to bed, at least it did for me. Its punchline is “I’ll huff & I’ll puff & I’ll blow your house in” & it blows away the piglet’s house. That was just a childhood story but that could turn into reality with all the tall structures being built. As a building grows in size the wind load factor grows along with it too. Wind Load varies from floor to floor. It acts as a ladder per se, the wind load at the top increases dangerously with every increasing floor.

In the good old times, the buildings barely made it past the 10th-floor mark and the wind load was not even a factor to be considered. As buildings got bigger, the accessories that it bears had to get lighter yet stronger. It should be light to shed some extra weight & be strong to endure the massive wind load on higher floors. The old timer, wooden window, had no prayer on this because of its heavy weight & poor weather handling capabilities. The aluminium windows did put up a fight with its lightweight & reasonable wind load resisting features, but it turned out to be a fight for a lost cause, as it lacked terribly in thermal insulation. After all, Aluminum is the 4th best thermal conductor in the world.

When the world badly needed a hero, it got one.


uPVC to the rescue!   

uPVC is a lightweight, high-value material with exceptionally good thermal insulating properties. It is so good at insulating your house that it actually saves you tons of money! If you are wondering how you can take a look here.  Apart from those amazing features, uPVC windows are surprisingly strong with the help of the galvanized iron (G.I.) reinforcements that resides within them. These reinforcements come in many shapes, sizes and thicknesses. These reinforcements help the windows withstand the wind load in the area. As the windows get installed on floors that are over 10th floors the wind load gets nasty and that would call for thicker reinforcements. But as the floor goes higher or if the area is subjected to extreme weather like hurricanes or thunderstorms, the reinforcements may not be enough. This situation would call for something bigger and better!


The hurricane bar

The hurricane bar is a metallic friend of the uPVC window, that helps it to withstand even the worst of wind loads and help you enjoy a dry and safe home. This metallic juggernaut comes in 3 shapes as well, Hurricane 1, 2 & 3.

The hurricane bars 1 & 2 are incorporated to the sliding system and they help it perform better during the battering of the wind, especially during the gusts, The hurricane bar 1 being the best of the lot.

The hurricane bar 2 is an economical and a better-looking version of its predecessor. It handles moderate wind loads where steps for extreme measures is not enquired, causing it to be more economical.

The hurricane bar 3 is truly a jack of all trades. It works for both the casement and sliding system and I personally think It has the best looks in comparison with both of its brothers. So now you know who are the “to go guys” in case you have a hurricane alert.

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