Inventa Casement uPVC Doors

Inventa Casement uPVC Doors provide for inside and outside opening doors to be used based on space availability. It can be a great choice of internal doors as well balcony doors.

Inventa Casement uPVC Doors Overview

Inventa Casement uPVC Doors can be used with variety of hardwares available with best international brands. This makes it versatile and reliable door solution for balconies. Since application of upvc door is for dust and weather proof , it is advisable to not use it as swing doors.

Inventa Casement uPVC Doors do not face threat of undue deflection as frame is fimrly attached tp wall. It is recommened to use 1200m width per leaf m glass safety can be achieved by using toughened or mlaminated glass. However french door or door with mullions needs to be analysed on a case to case basis. It is possible to provide door with or without threshold. It is recommended to use door with threshold for better acoustic and thermal performance.


  • Applicable for hall and bed rooms facing busy and noisy streets.
  • Significant for thermal and acoustic performance
  • Supports large sized fixed glass enabling better view and light.
  • Stronger system developed by Prominance against wind load.

Window Size600195010002400
Sash size600195010002400

All dimensions are in mm

Casement uPVC Doors Designs

Casement uPVC Doors Profile Drawings

Casement uPVC Doors Section Details

Casement uPVC Doors Glass Possibilities

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