Checklist To Inspect uPVC Windows and uPVC Doors Installation Quality in Your Home

uPVC Windows & Doors Installation Checklist for your Home

It’s very important to check the uPVC Windows & Doors installation quality before contractor announces the closure of the site. There are some key cross checks, you can perform in order to judge the quality and appropriateness of the installations prior to the handover.

These checks will include the overall aesthetics of the installation, the performance & lifespan of the uPVC Windows & Doors operation, material quality checks etc. The consistency of the workmanship also needs to be judged or checked. Below are some checks proposed from various aspects of installations which you need to keep an eye on.

Overall Aesthetics & Neatness Of The uPVC Windows & Doors Installation

•    Is the gap in the aperture equal everywhere?

•    Is the sash overlapping consistently everywhere?

•    Are the 45-degree lines matching for frame and shutter both?

•    Is the silicone applied consistently?

•    Is the colour of silicone as specified?

•    Are stains of silicone on the frames?

•    Is the colour of the uPVC windows as per samples?

•    Is there a colour difference between shutter and frame?

•    Do the gaskets corners have gaps?

•    Are the handle and the visible hardware clean?

•    Is the window cleaned before handover?

•    Are all labels on frame and glass removed?

•    No black stains or marks on the glasses etc. ?

Frame Fixing and Glazing Perspective

•    Is the window on the water level?

•    Is the window in plumb?

•    Is the appropriate number of fasteners fixed with appropriate frequency?

•    Has the fastener fully gone deep and not peeping out?

•    Is there a provision to protect fasteners exposed areas from moisture and water?

•    Is the size and brand of the fastener same as per the specification?

•    Is there a structural calculation for fastener provided?

•    If yes then installed situation, matches the recommendations as per the calculations?

•    Are fasteners tested for the adequate strengths claimed?

•    Is appropriate glazing packers used?

•    Are gaskets too tight or loose?

•    Are packer positions correct in the frames and sashes?

•    Structural beams and columns if any then its end appropriately fastened with sturdy and weather protected brackets?

•    Is backer rods used with appropriate sizes?

Product Build / Fabrication Quality

•    Are corners cleaned properly at the welding junctions?

•    Are drainage holes made and caps installed on the same?

•    No scratches on the surface?

•    Are size measurements of frames and sashes as per the specifications and within tolerance?

•    Are there gaps between beads?

•    Is the height of the handles appropriate/ergonomically correct for taller uPVC windows and doors?

•    Are the glass type, thickness, and specification correct as per order sheet?

•    Is the glazing gap below glass is correct all over?

•    No hairline cracks in the frame or punctures on the frame or sashes, which are not functional?

Hardware and Functional Perspective

•    Are the quality, colour, and alignments correct for the handles?

•    Is the MOC (material content) of hardware installed correctly as specified?

•    Is the hardware of the same brand installed which was quoted/ specified?

•    Is the shutter movements smooth in case of openable type designs?

•    Is the overlap for sliding doors adjusted for equal shutter overlaps?

•    Is the sealing overlap of the shutters ok after locking all across the frame?

•    No handles are loose on the doors or any hardware elements are not missing?

Performance Checks

•    Is Simple water test on site performed to check the water in grace?

•    Is noise reduction checked (simple android app on phone can tell)?

•    Are the closing and opening functions smooth?

•    Is the hardware locking smooth and unlocking is easy or without efforts?

These checks are suitable for all kinds of windows and doors such as Wooden, Aluminum, uPVC. You can read move about the Prominance uPVC Windows Systems by clicking on the link.

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