Prominance uPVC Doors

uPVC Doors tested for over 25000 hours for extreme weather resistance, sound insulation & energy efficiency.

Prominance’s uPVC Doors present an exquisite coming together of form and function. The profiles meet various requirements right from budget
apartments to palatial villas and commercial establishments – through structural design that can withstand rough weather conditions and wear & tear, ensuring Quality consistency and durability.

Research and testing that adheres to international standards are one of our key features at Prominance.  A fact that enables us to consistently maintaining the set benchmarks. Internal quality compliances have been met through the presence of European & Japanese equipment as per EN 12608 Standards. Accreditation from renowned organizations from Europe, for Accelerated Wealherability Test (Artificial weathering up to 25000 hours) and Mechanical properties & Chemical composition of our formulation.

Following aspects were closely checked to ensure best quality uPVC Doors:
• Dimensional Accuracy (Face flatness, squareness, angle & radius)
• Colour
• Determination of the Appearance
• Determination of Profile Mass
• Straightness
• Heat Reversion (EN 479)
• Heat Ageing (Behavior after heating) (EN 478)
• Resistance to Impact by falling mass (EN 477)

Inventa Casement uPVC Doors

• Provides for inside and outside opening doors such as internal doors as well balcony doors.
• Mainly recommended and used for dust and weatherproofing.
• Compatible with International hardware.
• Maximum width allowed per leaf is 1200 mm.
• Glass safety can be achieved by using toughened or laminated glass.
• French door Or door with mullions needs to be analysed on a case to case basis.
• The threshold is optional. It is advisable to use a threshold for achieving better acoustic and thermal performance.

• Versatile and reliable door solution for balconies.
• NO threat Of undue deflection as the frame is firmly attached to the wall.
• Sturdy and durable.

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Inventa Sliding uPVC Doors

• Ideal for properties where one side wall is replaced by window/door opening.
• It can handle a large opening allowing a larger influx Of air & sunlight.
• We have also designed 3 track 3 shutters or 3 track 6 shutters which give ample choice to architects and developers.
• It can be used as a large balcony door and Floor to ceiling windows.
• Bigger sizes can be made with wind load resistance on the interlock section.
• Inventa slider system is ideal for architecture which promotes more light and open space.

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Inventa Slide & Fold uPVC Doors

Another exclusive design from Prominance's kitty is the Bi-Fold solution. Bi-folds are increasingly getting into demand due to the ability to open 100% and cover wide openings. Besides, the weather tightness performance is comparable to any good casement systems thus avoiding the downside Of conventional sliding doors.

• Used in high rise buildings where huge openings to balconies are covered like the doors in hall opening to the balcony outside.
• Used in the villa to merge inside and outside space.
• It is sturdy against heavy winds and rains.
• For structural safety, a thorough analysis is required while installing these doors.

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