Prominance commenced operations in 2011, incorporating state-of-the-art Ultra-Modern Extrusion Technology with a substantial annual capacity of 22,000 MT. Our vision is to deliver customer delight through high-quality UPVC profiles, boasting exceptional UV resistance and surpassing the desired Mechanical Properties, well beyond the parameters specified by EN12608-1:2016 standards.

Built for Prominance

Prominance is whetted to its international standards with a perfect amalgamation of infrastructure including a ubiquitous shop floor, equipment, facilities, cutting edge technology and state of art imported machinery.

Precision crafting for the finest structures Cutting edge manufacturing processes on par with the world’s finest.

Strenuous Indian conditions demand that UPVC installations are robust enough. At Prominance, we aim to accomplish that through state of the art manufacturing processes overseen by top-tier talent and ensuring best practices. Our facility is future ready to deliver 22,000 MT Per annum.

Weighing & Batching

PLC and SCADA based system for Precise Control on weighment, Timing & Temperature for mixing the blend to ensure desired chemical composition with homogeneous mix and discharge at right temperature and to prevent manual errors

High-level accuracy and error-free compliance through precision weighment and control through PLC/SCADA

Consistency Compliance of formulation by batch-wise evaluation of reports against the desired weighment to comply Superior Chemical Composition of blend and Mechanical/ Weather resistance Properties

Prominance Careers Application

Tool Design

Well Engineered Extrusion Dies, Calibrators, Tank Plates and Turbo Cooling Tanks manufactured by high quality Tool steel complying DIN 1.2316 and were warrantied for 2 million meters of production run

Tool Maintenance

  • Highly Competent and certified Tooling Specialists for world class maintenance practices & Tool handling
  • Tool Readiness compliance @ 100% to ensure the product run at any given point of time
  • In house Capability of Die Design

Extruders & Downstreams

  • Imported Extruders that adhere to all European quality compliances including Upgraded technology with advanced metallurgy in screw and barrel.
  • Designed for better gelation, plastification and consistent output.
  • Most advanced Calibration Unit for maintaining the accuracy in dimensions.
  • Utilities for purified and chilled water with ultra membrane filtration systems and chillers from Europe.

Quality Lab

Sophisticated testing equipments from Europe & Japan for the quality compliances and assurances as per EN 12608 Standards


In house research and development team equipped with best brains supported by Design software, 3-D printers and prototype testing facility

Prominance uPVC Windows Features

Lead Free ProfileLead emits cancerous Agent. Not good for ChildrenWe care for health of people
Higher Welding StrengthLonger Window Life
Protection from Rain or Water Seepage
Large Reinforcement spaceCan Provide large Doors .More width /Height is possibleMore Sun light and fresh air. Better View
Multiple SystemLego set to play aroundWe have systems for every market . Ensures optimal Engineering. Cost Advantage
Artisan DesignCreated designs for Unique Traditional Inclination with European standards ComplianceVersatile Acceptance without affecting the traditional mind set   .
Designed for Indian weather conditionCan be used across Tropical climatic geography without any performance worriesWe have a tough climatic condition with temperature varying from -2 degree to +50 degree coupled with rains. Further we are in a high UV range. Our product will not deteriorate under the above circumstance unlike other competitor
Highly engineered productAll aspects of window are taken careWhether you have earth quake or tsunami, Prominance window will not fail
Usage of weather sealsThere is no air gap between slider sashesNo whistling effect
Prevents Insect invasionNo unwanted visitor
Co-Extruder Gaskets along the beadThis improves overall aestheticsIt saves time while fabricating the window
Better drainageInherent slope with designed water outlet solution, ensures water does not stay in the systemSystem can withstand heavy cyclone and can prevent your home from water invasion during heavy rains
Euro Groove HardwareIncreased choice for hardware seelctionFlexibility to choose hardware vendors who ensures best quality and performance. Futuristic to accommodate new hardwares entering the market
Double bevel chamferProfile cleaning friendlyFresh aesthetics, differentiating from competition.
Forms in BeadsChoice of bead is available both in thickness of glass and shapesBetter Aesthtics
Better form and Shape . It would be a architectural delight
Uniform Screwing Grooveclear line defining screw positionEase of manufacturing - Deskilling the process
Ensure proper screwing
Ensure symmetrical position of the screw
Wall ThicknessBigger the Sash more the wall thickness neededBetter Impact strength
Better Weld quality
Prevents Deformation

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