Prominance uPVC Windows

Quality Assurance

Accreditation by renowned testing institutions from Europe and UK, for Accelerated Weatherability Test (Artificial weathering up to 22000 hours), Mechanical properties & Chemical composition of our formulation.

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Prominance Lead Free uPVC Windows are certified by International labs such as BSI & SKZ

Properties Standards Range Result Accreditations From
Flexural Modulus of Elasticity BS EN ISO 178:2013 Not less than 2200 N/mm2 3070 N/mm2 SK Z-Germany & BSI-UK
Tensile Impact Strength BS EN ISO 8256:2005 Not less than 600 KJ/m2 934 KJ/m2 SK Z-Germany & BSI-UK
Accelerated Weathering [14000 Hours @ 20 GJ/m2] DIN EN 513 ΔE not more than 5 1.9 SK Z-Germany & BSI-UK
Charpy Impact Strength BS EN ISO 179 -2:1999 Not less than 20 KJ/m2 74.4 KJ/m2 SK Z-Germany & BSI-UK
Reduction in Charpy Impact Strength
[Before & After Weathering]
DIN EN ISO 179 -1/1fA Not More than 40% 10.4 % SK Z-Germany
Vicat Softening Temperature BS EN ISO 306:1997 Not less than 75oC 80oC SK Z-Germany & BSI-UK
Heat Reversion @ 100o C, 60 Minutes BS EN 12608-1:2016 To comply as per EN 12608-1:2016 Pass BSI-UK
Resistance to Impact of Main Profile by falling Mass @-10oC, BS EN 12608-1:2016 To comply as per EN 12608-1:2016 Pass BSI-UK
Weld Strength (Individual Specimen) BS EN 514:2000 Not less than 20 Mpa 25.32 Mpa BSI-UK
Heat Aging @ 150oC,30 Minutes, BS EN 12608-1;2016 To comply as per EN 12608-1:2016 Pass BSI-UK
RoHS DIRECTIVE 2011/65/EU Lead should not be detected Not detected SGS
Flammability UL-94 10 Sec Vo CIPET
Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) ASTM D2863 45% 47% CIPET
Density ASTM D 792 Not More than 1.5 gm/cc 1.46 gm/cc CIPET
Thermal Conductivity ASTM E-1530 0.12 to 0.25 W/mk 0.137 W/mk CIPET
Co-efficient of Linear Thermal Expansion ASTM D 696 Below 5x10-5 / oC 3.82x10-5 / oC CIPET

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