Prominance uPVC Windows

uPVC Windows tested for over 20000 hours for extreme weather resistance, sound insulation & energy efficiency.

Prominance’s uPVC windows present an exquisite coming together of form and function. The profiles meet various requirements right from budget
apartments to palatial villas and commercial establishments – through structural design that can withstand rough weather conditions and wear & tear, ensuring Quality consistency and durability.

Research and testing that adheres to international standards are one of our key features at Prominance.  A fact that enables us to consistently maintaining the set benchmarks. Internal quality compliances have been met through the presence of European & Japanese equipment as per EN 12608 Standards. Accreditation from renowned organizations from Europe, for Accelerated Wealherability Test (Artificial weathering up to 20000 hours) and Mechanical properties & Chemical composition of our formulation.

Following aspects were closely checked to ensure fine quality:
• Dimensional Accuracy (Face flatness, squareness, angle & radius)
• Colour
• Determination of the Appearance
• Determination of Profile Mass
• Straightness
• Heat Reversion (EN 479)
• Heat Ageing (Behavior after heating) (EN 478)
• Resistance to Impact by falling mass (EN 477)

Inventa Casement uPVC Windows

This system is designed for more strength and better performance with twin gasket sealing. The gasket sealing coupled with multi-point lock ensures tight closure with no gaps for proper sealing, thermal and acoustic performance. Thicker Mullion profiles with reinforcements ensure sturdiness against heavy wind load. Our mullions, transoms with external strengthening bars ensures we can design large size windows with required wind load resistance.

• Applicable for hall and bedrooms facing busy and noisy streets.
• Significant for thermal and acoustic performance.
• Supports large sized fixed glass enabling better view and light.
• A stronger system developed by Prominance against wind load. Inventa Casement System

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Optima Casement uPVC Windows

Application of Optima Series
• Optima Casement uPVC windows are designed for small to medium openings/apertures.
• Optima casement system is also meant for medium high rises. Advantages
• Provides good thermal and acoustic efficiency with optimal sight lines and design possibilities for small/medium openings.
• 100% opening possibility allowing the maximum influx of fresh air and light.
• Unparalleled strength and performance.

All casement designs need to be evaluated in terms of dimensions and designs with wind load factor specified by architect or developer.

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Inventa Sliding uPVC Windows

• Designed with maximum space for reinforcement supporting large sized windows/doors.
• Can be used in hall and bedroom allowing space saving and 66% opening.

• Aesthetics are judiciously designed to ensure strength and shine over double bevel.
• Designed with minimum air leakage to prevent dust, noise and thermal leakage.
• Allows more light and better view with the minimum vertical separator.
• The strength of window is further enhanced with wind resistance booster bars to allow bigger size window to be made.

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Optima Sliding uPVC Windows

• Design meant for small to medium sized windows.
• Used in small properties where opening space is a constraint both inside and outside.
• Can be used in medium-sized bedrooms, guest rooms, hall, walkways, staircases, etc
• It counters the trend of conventional aluminium windows & toilet specifiers where architects design small sized windows to medium-sized ones.
• A window of 1500 x 1500 can stand wind load of 1500 Pascal for deflection limit of Height/ 1 75 (Defined as per various Indian and international standard.) with its normal reinforcements.
• The strength further can be boosted by using the wind load resistance booster profiles.

• These are designed to balance feature & simplicity.
• Uniform aesthetics across Prominance systems allows integration of inventa and optima system with ease.

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Inventa Tilt & Turn uPVC Windows

Inventa series can also be used to design tilt n turn windows using Z sash. Several combinations are possible with tilt n turn. Our designing is such that it accommodates any major hardware tilt n turn solutions such as those from Roto, GU, etc., ensuring there is no compromise on the performance.

• used for bedroom windows and places where the privacy and ventilation both are needed.
• It appears as an inverted ``Top hung`` which also opens inward more like a ``Side. hung`` window.
• Unique ability is to open inside in the same configuration and allows 100% opening.
• Provides sound and thermal insulation as well.

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