Maintenance Comparison Guide – uPVC vs Wooden vs Aluminium Window And Door Frames

advantage of uPVC Windows over aluminium & Wooden windows

uPVC Windows & Doors are extremely cost-effective as unlike aluminium, timber and wooden frames which tend to rot and flake easily, uPVC needs virtually no maintenance apart from the occasional wipe down. It is a strong, tough and resilient material which is very unlikely to need be replaced for at least the first 10 years after installation.  If you are security conscious then uPVC Windows is for you as it is almost impossible to break or damage due to it being made with the utmost hardness. All windows and doors are also usually constructed with the very best locking mechanisms so you can leave your home unoccupied without having to worry about potential break-ins.  UPVC windows and doors is a most competent insulator, much more so than those windows and doors with wooden & aluminium window frames, preventing the likelihood of homes become draughty.

Some UPVC windows also come fully installed with energy efficient double glazing which can help reduce heating bills as uPVC is extremely good insulator unlike aluminium(very good conductor) and keeps the home unaffected from the outside weather. They are also much better for the environment as they can lessen energy consumption and are completely lead-free.

Cleaning uPVC windows and doors is not a particularly difficult task. uPVC is a durable product which has a pretty good lifespan if it is cared for at reasonable intervals and it has to be said that uPVC doors and windows require considerably less maintenance than say, their timber & aluminium counterparts. However, people are prone to making some mistakes when cleaning their uPVC windows and doors and these mistakes could be costly.

It is important when cleaning uPVC windows and doors not to use products that may damage the uPVC material. Non-abrasive and non-corrosive cleaning products are the most suitable and one tip that some experts recommend is a soft wet cloth such as a baby wipe. UPVC can scratch easily and even using a dry hard cloth can cause surface marks on the frame. Use warm water and soap to give your uPVC Window frames a soft clean ad they will look well for many years.  It should be possible to select a colour for your windows that you do not tire of over the course of its lifetime. This is important because you cannot paint over UPVC as a product and therefore whatever colour that you do choose will have to be the colour that the windows and doors remain until you choose to change them.

As has been already mentioned uPVC is a hard wearing material, but it does scratch and can be marked easily by a sharp object. Smaller damage can be removed or disguised by using special uPVC repairer, but the large the damaged area, the more difficult it is to carry out a good repair job.  uPVC windows and doors do benefit from regular inspection and lubrication of moving parts in the framework. Any metal parts will operate better if they are lubricated and a mild lubricant followed by an application of light grease will help the metal parts in your windows to be weather resistant. Regular inspection will also help bring attention to any loose parts that may need to be tightened or replaced. Some people perhaps consider uPVC windows and doors to be absolutely maintenance free. While they need less maintenance than other types of doors and windows, it certainly does help to keep an eye on their condition.  When you use our service we will make sure that your uPVC windows and doors perform to ultimate levels.  We have a specialist maintenance team that will guarantee your uPVC windows and doors are properly maintained and that you receive the best experience possible.  Visit us today and experience the best services you can find when it comes to uPVC windows and doors.

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