Prominance uPVC Windows Designed for High-rise Buildings With Heavy Wind Load Resistance


Wind Load for High Rise Buildings & How it affects your uPVC Windows & Doors

Everybody enjoys a breezy day and most of us would like to keep our windows open in such days. when the breeze turns into a storm it’s going to be nothing less of a lock-down & a bad day for us. It won’t be a bad day only for you but will also be your window’s bad day as well!

Your uPVC windows do help you block an enormous load of wind from entering your house during cyclones. But how strong is your window ?

How long can it take this constant battering of the wind? – Well, the answer is not for a long time if you don’t take wind load calculations seriously.

So what is this wind load?

Wind load is the “load” placed by the wind speed and its air density onto structures, uPVC windows and uPVC doors being the structures here. When a high wind load hits the uPVC window or door it forces it to bend causing an elastic action when the wind load exceeds a particular level the window or door deforms permanently or brakes in the extreme case.
A window or door is tested for its sturdiness against the wind load by undergoing a test called the wind load test. A window or door is fixed on a stand and gradually the air is blown on it on both the directions to calculate both the positive & the negative loads the window or door could withstand.

What keeps the uPVC Windows & Doors going?

The wind load handling capacity of a uPVC window or door solely depends on the reinforcement or the hurricane bar, in case of extreme wind load, that’s been assembled along with it.


uPVC is excellent when it comes to looking pretty & help you keep warm with this great UV value but when it comes to strength it lags a little bit that’s where the G.I. reinforcement lends a helping hand. the cavity inside the profiles is assembled with galvanized iron causing the profile to become stronger.


when you decide to build a tall high rise building like a skyscraper, the apartments or offices up in the top few floors experience the most wind load, in fact, the wind load & height are directly proportional causing various levels or regions of wind load in the same building. Thus there exists a level or region beyond which no reinforcement of any thickness could withstand the load that’s where the hurricane bar comes into play. It’s a metal block that provides additional wind load resistance to the uPVC Window or door.


We all get irritated by the rattling sound that the sliders make when its windy outside, well tiny pieces of profiles called the anti-rattler could make a huge difference. As the name suggests it prevents the rattling of the window & also acts as an anti-theft element.



At Prominance we consider these issues to be a big deal & we make sure that from the smallest of beads to the heaviest of the espags are of the best class & are assembled with every little issue in mind. To give you complete assurance Prominance has tested its profiles for 17000 hours @ 34 GJ/m 2 under harsh environmental conditions at the world’s topmost Institutions like BSI – UK & SKG – Germany. This makes us the only manufacturer in the world have that pride. You can trust us with a blindfold on, not just because of the tests we’ve done but also because of the 1000s of happy customers we’ve got today.

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