Monsoon-proof & Waterproof uPVC Windows by Prominance

watertight & waterproof upvc windows & doors

Waterproof uPVC Windows by Prominance prevent water breaching in your home even in extreme weather conditions.

We all enjoy a good breeze during the summer & the spring but when it’s monsoon or winter we would barely keep our windows & doors open, that’s because nobody would like a wet & smelly house. But does an everyday ordinary wood or aluminium window keep your house weather sealed?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, but here at Prominance we have designed & developed windows & doors that could take on even the wildest of hurricanes or storms. The primary reason to weather seal or use waterproof uPVC Windows in your home is to prevent water from breaching in.

Well, what is this water tightness test & how Prominance ensure that water does not seep in through the window in case of extreme weather?

Jets of water are sprayed on the outer surface of the uPVC windows by nozzles at high pressure till the water breaches the windows. The test involves subjecting the windows to a hurricane like environment by spraying water jets of volume 450 litres/hour at 160 km/h.

There are two methods of carrying out this process.

The nozzles are set at 24° & 84° for methods A & B respectively.

The sample window is sprayed with water at 50 Pa for the first 15 minutes, later the pressure is incremented by 50 Pa for every 5 minutes till it reaches 300 Pa. After that it is incremented by 150 Pa till 600 Pa. This lasts for an hour.

The result reveals the point of time & load at which the water breaches the respective regions of the uPVC Window or Door.

The following are the products that keep your house dry & fresh:

  • Gaskets

Gaskets are the part of the uPVC windows that holds the glazing in the window & prevents water from seeping in from the outside during rough weathers.

whereas the sliding system has the wool-pile instead of the weather gasket. This is to dodge the friction of the gasket that’ll hinder the smooth sliding of the rollers in the sliders, but it’s got fins that are as effective as the weather gaskets.

From this, it’s obvious that they play an important role in waterproofing your uPVC Windows/Door & when even one of the 2 types fails it’ll lead to a major catastrophe in terms of water tightness, causing water to seep through glazing & from between the sash & the frame

  • Sealant

Silicon-based weather sealants are used to seal the gap between the frame and the wall during the installation of the uPVC Windows to keep it airtight & to prevent water from entering the room.

When the sealant fails it’ll be nothing short of a nightmare. Water from all around the door & window will start seeping in & slowly but surely the uPVC door or window will meet its demise.  

  • Reinforcements & hurricane bar

These might not sound like they do much for water tightening but they play a very important role in it.

When a very bad cyclone hits the town, the wind load that tags on along with it plays a major role in helping water breach your windows.

uPVC windows strength is upgraded with the help of reinforcements to prevent the bend when a large wind load acts on the window sash, which Leaves one of the gaskets wide open which in-turn causes water to flow in.

Reinforcements of various thickness are used, but as the height of the building rises, the wind load gets worse, demanding better up-gradations, that’s where the hurricane bar comes into play. The aluminium hurricane bar is a supplement for the doors & windows to help it withstand even the wildest of wind load.


Hardware like the Espagnole, hinges, locks etc., are the elements that hold the sash and frame together so it very important that they perform as good as the profile itself.

They help prevent the uPVC windows from shagging down & prevent weather breaches.



At Prominance we consider these issues to be a big deal & we make sure that from the smallest of beads to the heaviest to espags are of the best class & are assembled with every little issue in mind.

To give you a complete assurance Prominance has tested its profiles for 25000 hours @ 34 GJ/m2 under harsh environmental conditions at the world’s topmost Institutions like BSI – UK & SKG – Germany. This makes us the only manufacturer in the world have that pride.

You can trust us with a blindfold on, not just because of the tests we’ve done but also because of the 1000s of happy customers we’ve got today.

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