How uPVC Windows & Doors are manufactured in a factory?

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Let’s take a tour around a window factory

The Homo Sapiens have risen above the odds & have outgrown their prehistoric cousins only because of their urge to learn new things & to develop as a group. This has been a default quality for all the people who’ve left their footprints behind in the Earth’s pages of history.

A Wiseman once said that there’s no such thing called an age limit for learning & we’re all students till we take our last breath. To justify the saying & to gain the joy of sharing our knowledge, this newsletter has been made to educate everybody on how a window is being engineered in a window factory.

The window business

A lot of thought & process goes into making uPVC windows, starting from the design to the packaging in which it gets wrapped in once it is ready. A uPVC window is engineered to precision with all the worldly factors around us kept in mind. The important part is the selection of the raw materials & the temperature its being extruded in (That being the process of manufacturing a bar of the window). These factors determine the quality & life of the uPVC window. Then comes the machines that cut & weld your window together. These are man run machines & this requires trusted & trained hands. This being said, the supplements like glass, gaskets hardware, sealant etc., also play a major role in making your window trust worth.

The flow of it all

The raw materials used to make the windows are handpicked with at most care & are brought to the blending section. That’s where they are blended in a specific ratio of chemicals that give all the properties that you enjoy. This ratio is a special number for any window manufacturer. This magical number decides the white index or in simpler terms, the whiteness of window, the UV resistance of the window and many more properties. This blend is heated for through mixing & then cooled to maintain the colour index. This cooled down mixture is weighed & batched for the next process.

These batches are taken to the extrusion process where the powered uPVC windows get a rigid form for the first time. The process involves a machine called the extruder, obviously.  The machine maintains 3 temperatures. This again determines the quality of the window, especially the white index & the stiffness of the window. These temperatures deal with the melting of the blend, making it a regular shape inside the die and finally hardening it inside the condenser. Apart from the temperature factor, the product has to deal with various pressure factors that help it become dimensionally stable. The product also goes through a  process called degassing, which extracts the gas released during extrusion. This prevents rupture, air trapping & improves thermal resistance. This extruded product is then taken to the next stage.


The packed profiles (extruded product) is then taken to the fabrication shop. This is where all the slicing & dicing happens. The shop consists of an array of machines & they all play a vital role in making your uPVC windows. The profile first meets the double mitre saw which sizes it down to the required size for the window. Then comes the routers, the copy router & drainage router. These make slots for the hardware & water drainage. The profiles also get reinforced with galvanized iron for better strength & are taken to the welder followed by the corner cleaner which is used to weld the profiles together & clean the flash that’s generated during the process. All these machines together create the window that you get at your doorstep.

From the factory with love

Just like a present given with love these windows too get gifted wrapped for every customer & that’s taken care of by the packing department where the windows are cover on all the corners with foam & wrapped with stress film.

Pros at work

That’s how a uPVC window/uPVC door is made in a window factory. These machines can be bought with just plain money but a good window is made by trained & trusted hands and is accredited by renowned organizations. Prominance has it all!

At Prominance, all the processes that you learned today are dealt by trained & trusted hands. We tested our windows according to the EN standards under every criteria & even went the extra mile of testing our profiles for 25000 hours at 36 GJ/m2  under harsh environmental conditions & got accredited by renowned organizations like SKZ – Germany & BSI – UK, making Prominance the only window manufacturer in the world to accomplish the humongous feat.

Now you know how a window is made & how an excellent uPVC window/door is engineered to perfection.

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