Double the security with Outward/Inward Open uPVC Windows

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Double the energy efficiency and security of your home and maximise your view from inside.

Warm, safe and secure

The outward open or inward window is ideal for homes that have obstacles which restrict inward or outward opening. These outward or inward opening windows will improve the look and security of your home. Nothing competes with their sleek, classic appearance which adds an enviable dimension to your home.

Slim frames give an unobtrusive appearance which maximises the area of glass in your windows. This allows plenty of light to flood in and gives you a better view of the outdoors. Regardless of the conditions outside, Prominance uPVC windows will make you feel warm, safe and secure.

Choosing Prominance uPVC windows gives you complete peace of mind

Prominance uPVC windows try very hard to bring customers greater choices, top quality and more value for money. Learn how we can give you complete peace of mind:

  • Many opening styles and combinations – top-hung or side-hung opening to match your individual preferences
  • Decorative features to suit the style of your home – choose clean-cut lines or a more decorative, traditional finish
  • Energy efficiency – a multi-chambered frame keeps cold air out and warm air in for maximum energy efficiency
  • Built-in security – frames with beads on the inside and the latest locking technology
  • Maximum ventilation – designed to enable air to circulate constantly, keeping your home fresh and appealing
  • The size and colour to suit your home – each window is produced individually
  • Easy to clean and maintain from within your home

Health and safety

All of our uPVC Outward or Inward Open Windows come with a multi-point locking system for maximum security as standard, galvanised steel reinforcing for added strength and exceed EU Regulations on Energy Saving.

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