Choose Lead Free uPVC Over Aluminum & Wooden To Save Environment

Choose uPVC Over Aluminum & Wooden Windows To Save Our Environment

Mother nature’s true friend

The evolution of planet earth has been more of a rough road. Starting from being a molten mass to being the life thriving eco-systems we see today. It took hundreds of thousands of centuries to shape itself.

The clock

Now let’s consider planet Earth’s rocky course as a 24-hour clock. The first signs of life were formed as early as just 15 minutes after zero in the form of single-celled organisms & there was no turning back after that. Earth basked in the beauty of the flora & fauna that it possessed this lasted till the last 51 seconds of the clock i.e., (59:59:9 at the clock). That’s when the first modern men starting walking on the face of the planet. Since then, man has improved at an unimaginable rate but at a very high cost. The inventions that made man improve greatly contributed to the demise of Earth’s eco-system. The man realized this at a very late stage and then on it turned out to be pollution free products everywhere. People made it a trend & for the first time ever it was for a good cause. So If you’re looking to join the party & make a difference yourself. What better place could it be than your actual doorstep.

Pollution crimes

Have you ever imagined the amount of pollution that your windows & doors produce every year?

The numbers are scary & we are being a part of it without even realizing. Windows were traditionally made with wood for a very long time. The timber cut down to make these windows could reduce the rainfall that mother nature scheduled for you today, the cut-down timber count has stopped the landslide that happened at a hill station the other day. These might not sound like they are our fault because we don’t pick up an axe & chop the tree down. But even if we don’t see the trees being sawed or feel the earth shake when the tree falls, we play our role by buying those windows. That’s a crime we’ll never be able to wash off from our hands.

The aluminium windows are not that noble either. The harmful fumes that the smelting process produces increases air pollution substantially and the liquid waste adds to the existing water pollution. So what could be the best material option for a window that’ll help us cut down on all the pollution crimes that we’re committing?

The answer

The answer is uPVC. It stands for Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. It is a polymer that has an array of amazing features that could come in handy in tons of places. Some of them being it’s self-extinguishing property that could stop a raging fire, High thermal resistance that keeps the inside of a place cosy and most importantly it being strong despite its light weight. This marvel of the modern era helps us make uniquely different windows & lets us enjoy all of its physical feathers, but that’s not the best part either. They were actually researched & invented by the Greenpeace, an organization that has set office in over 39 countries with the sole purpose of bringing an environmental issue to public eyes & putting a halt to it.

It invented uPVC to reduce the pollutions caused by PVC, which mainly consists of lead & dioxides. This has greatly contributed to the betterment of the environment in terms of air quality. uPVC is also a type of thermoplastic that could be recycled into another product. This has cut down on the tons of landfill which could have polluted the land & stopped rainwater from entering the underground water table. In spite of all these improvements in the polymer world, there are lots of uPVC manufacturers out there who even sell windows that contain lead but we at Prominance have been very clear from the very beginning that Lead is a big no no & saving the environment is our duty as human beings.

Well, now it’s clear as a crystal that uPVC is truly mother nature’s true friend & it’s our duty as human beings to make the right decisions to help her stay beautiful.

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