Design Your Home With Aesthetically Breathtaking Laminated uPVC Windows & Doors

coloured upvc windows & doors in oakwood, walnut & several other finishes

Give your home an antique flavour with the new age aesthetically breathtaking Laminated uPVC Windows & Doors by Prominance.

Times have changed drastically over the past years, doors and windows are no exceptions. People have switched to modern age doors & windows for their superior mechanical properties but these structures lack the antique look that gives our house the homely aura.

When you build a house you would probably want everything to match your ideas or at least you wouldn’t want things to look awkward. Well, the modern day aluminium windows don’t look awful but they are not very aesthetically appealing as well.
We can’t jump back to wooden windows because they are not as sound as the aluminium windows in terms of mechanics.

So what could be the best choice – Giving you superior mechanical properties and look aesthetically stunning at the same time?

The answer is uPVC Windows & Doors. The uPVC windows generally come in white which is a colour that goes great with everything. For those who want the antique wooden look without compromising the modern mechanical properties, there’s another refreshing option called laminated uPVC windows.

Everybody would love to have a mahogany or teak wood window with the mechanical features that they’ll never have. The teak & mahogany laminations make that possible. Giving your uPVC windows & doors a rich & antique look you’ve always wanted.

It doesn’t just end there, you can choose from a wide range of colour options. Thus you can customize your window’s looks the way you want it to be. These laminations are not just about looks. They consist of multilayers & are tested for their durability. These laminations meet the highest demands in terms of design, quality and overall performance.

To complement these test results a warranty of 20 years is awarded to the profiles. You can check out the below video for more details:

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