Advantages of Prominance uPVC Windows Vs Aluminium Windows

Advantages uPVC Windows Vs Aluminium Windows

uPVC Windows Vs Aluminium Windows

 Description uPVC  Aluminium
 Extreme weather resistance(UV)Prominance windows are made of the tropical blend.  Adequate Tio2 dosage for extreme UV resistant propertyProne to fade since performance of powder coat/
the anodized material cannot comply longer UV resistance.
 Oxidation and
 UPVC is highly resistive against corrosion and
 Cavity and corrosion issue due to oxidation & White residue formation.
 Thermal loss and
Interior condensation
 Excellent insulation.
Extremely suitable for all climatic conditions.
Poor performance in the cold and hot region.
Condensation and frosting issue.
 Stability Very good dimensional stability.
Versatile design flexibility.
 Fair stability
Limited design options.
 Insulation property Excellent insulator Poor insulator
 Energy Less energy consumption during conversion More energy consumption during conversion
 Evacuation Very less effort during escape due to fire Very difficult process to escape due to high melting temperature.
 Maintenance Rots free / Cavity / oxidation free Frequent maintenance required
 U value 2.1 W/m2k (High thermal insulation) 3.68 W/m2k (Low thermal insulation)
 Fire resistance Very good self-extinguishing property Melting temperature is high

For more benefits of selecting uPVC Windows over other options, refer to this link.

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